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"It’s in tough times like these that we consider it so important to keep our branded bags"
DK, Lincoln

"I was amazed by the ease of ordering my rope handle bags – a great deal also!"
SA, Bedford

Aware of our environment responsibility, we offer you a wide range of eco friendly products whilst actively supporting and promoting recycling and the re-use of polythene carrier and paper bags to help you reduce your carbon footprint.

Supportive of relevant environmental regulations and legislation, we always promote awareness supported by factual, unbiased reports and substantiated statements and up to date information and research.

Our paper products are recyclable and degradable and raw materials for paper products are sourced from managed sustainable forests.

Water based inks are used where possible in printing and modern energy efficient machinery is employed in manufacture and conversion.

Manufacturing is carried out in modern, clean factories, where industry standards are certified and maintained to a high level.

Our ‘BAG FOR LIFE’ products you can select that will not only enhance your business profile, but also show your customers that you are ‘doing your bit’ for the environment.

Degradable options for carrier bags are very much now requested by our customers as standard feature in our range of polythene carriers from the low priced thin ‘vest’ style to the more substantial and heavy duty polythene carrier with punched out aperture or flexi loop handles.


Type of Bag


Renewable natural resource
Can make recycled bags
Degrades in landfill

High energy consumption in making
High energy in conversion to end product
High volume requiring more storage space


Lowest cost material type
Degradable additive plus
Can be re-used many times
Very strong

Creates litter from the unaware consumer
Encourages a throw away effect
High energy in conversion to end product


Compostable aspect liked
Natural grown resource
Can be re-used a few times

High cost of base material
Pressurised land clearance to grow crop
High energy in conversion to end product


Renewable natural resource
True Bag for Life perception
Can be re-used many times
The strongest of this type

High manual labour input
Expensive compared to polythene
Limited quality print only available
Bulky and not easy to fit in pocket


Renewable natural resource
Folds away in smaller space
Can be re-used many times

High manual labour input
High volume requiring more storage space
Pressurised habitat for crop production
Flimsy type of material


Can be re-used many times
Lower cost Bag For Life High
Liked by consumers
High volume requiring more storage space
High energy in conversion to end product
Still basically ‘plastic’ bag!

These are but a few aspects to consider when ordering as there are many more issues concerning your choice and we have listed some other ENVIRONMENTAL SITES you might like to visit and read more about specific areas.

What do you think? If you have particular concerns then, please contact our sales office for more advice.

You might find these other sites informative:

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Friends of the Earth


The Industry Council for Packaging and the Environment

The Packaging Federation

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